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A group financial control platform covering full channels/supply chains/information for system service.

DS Interconnection (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as the Company) is full-supply chain information system service provider offering B2B procurement channels for fast-moving consumer goods, trade platforms and logistics services. It has 4 major business sectors including Order-Aid, Payment-Aid, Easy Ant Logistics and Big Data for Dealers.

With the support from mobile Internet and big data, the Company has changed and optimized its procurement and operation mode of convenience stores, improved storage and logistics services, and bridged the “last mile” between brand operators and consumers. It offers brand operators, convenience stores and consumers a full range of three-dimensional solutions from online to offline to enhance the profitability and management efficiency of convenience stores.

The Company currently has branches in more than 20 large and medium-sized cities and over 2,000 employees. With its market share in Beijing reaching over 80%, the Company has also covered more than 250,000 convenience stores nationwide. In parallel, it has established strategic cooperative partnerships with more than 1,000 upstream well-known brands.


Location: Beijing, China

Industry: Distribution

Product & service: Fast-moving consumer goods, B2B

Number of employees: 2000+

Company website: www.ds365.com

Solutions: SAP S/4 HANA



  • 2 Days: Shorten the monthly financial settlement from 15 days to 2 days.
  • 50%: Reduce the financial operation expense.
  • Expansion: When the business expands, the number of financial managers no longer follows the original linear growth model.
  • Management & Control: The whole-process of control over expense, collection of funds.
  • Integration: Integrate the self-developed business system with S/4 HANA through SAP PO architecture.

Implementation Objectives

  • Optimize business process and build an information platform integrating ERP, e-commerce system, supply chain and bank payment;
  • Leverage SAP’s rigorous financial management function to establish a standard and transparent group financial control platform;
  • Integrate with self-developed systems or third-party systems via SAP’s open interface solution and further support the healthy and rapid business expansion;
  • Realize multi-dimensional financial accounting analysis function and real-time group report presentation.

Major Benefits

  • Greatly improve the degree of fineness of financial management and work efficiency through the integration of SAP with other self-developed R&D platforms;
  • Save almost 50% of operating cost of finance department via the application of SAP financial sharing center;
  • The integrated management platform allows the enterprise to master the whole process management of budget and reimbursement system, meanwhile to acquire real-time and transparent financial data;
  • The bank-enterprise direct connection platform realizes the timely collection of funds and real-time display of the changes in the group’s account, which not only improves the efficiency of the use of fund, but also reduces the capital risk.


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