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Deliver safe and delicious food to the table of every household.

OSI Group (hereafter referred to as the Company) is an international food group company with more than 50 food processing plants in 21 countries around the world. Founded in 1909 and headquartered in Chicago, the United States, the Company has customers including global fast food and takeaway chain suppliers, branded food marketers and food retailers. It is one of the world’s leading meat and vegetable processing groups.

So far, the Company has successfully deployed SAP in their 6 branches in China and 2 companies overseas, and established a unified and integrated information management platform to standardize business processes and strengthen enterprise management. By doing so, the Company has realized the real-time query and sharing of the group’s reports to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of data. In parallel, OSI Group has implemented product traceability and greatly improved its decision-making capabilities.


Company Name: OSI Group

Location: China, India, Japan, Australia

Industry: Consumer goods (food/agriculture)

Product & service: Breeding, slaughtering, planting and food processing

Number of employees: 12000

Company website:

Solutions: SAP ERP, SAP Business Object, SAP HANA


“By applying the product quality and batch tracking function, the system will automatically remind the operator to timely dispose the products (batches) which have expired, and thus greatly reduce the risk of inventory obsolescence, as well as record errors and waste caused by improper manual operation.”

—-Steven Zhang, Vice President, Asia Pacific & CFO, OSI Group


  • Group Company: it has headquarters in the Asia Pacific region and there are 13 plants in China, 5 plants overseas.
  • High efficiency: fusion of the industrial chains and improvement of operating efficiency
  • Real-timeliness: real-time query of reports based on HANA real-time data platform
  • Transparency: multi-view management of reports, Cost/profit analysis and business KPI
  • Traceability: traceability throughout the entire process from farm to table

Implementation Objectives

  • Set up an accurate, real-time and easy-to-use business platform to summarize big data;
  • Realize deep mining in the ever-growing database and fast response;
  • Safety of the entire food industrial chain and quality traceability system;
  • Real-time interaction, real-time planning, real-time reporting, real-time analysis, real-time execution;
  • Collectivized control and unified standards to improve operation and management efficiency.

Major benefits

  • Realize the real-time presentation of multi-view and multi-authority reports in collectivized control;
  • Establish an impeccable and standard information system with unified data structure, reporting system and financial standards;
  • Realize standard business processes, proper examination of basic data and high data authenticity;
  • Realize the safety and quality traceability system of the entire food industrial chain, allowing the check of the delivery time, batch and raw materials at any time, and feedback to customers within 5 minutes;
  • Decision-support and performance appraisal system are supported by real-time data;
  • The application of new data architecture system brings about significant improvement of the overall performance of the enterprise IT system.


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