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Build a data-concentrated digital management platform for feed industry based on the deployment of SAP ERP on HANA.

Founded in 1992, Sichuan TECHLEX has developed from a feed processing company into a comprehensive agriculture & animal husbandry group covering feed production, animal and poultry breeding, slaughtering, further processing and retail business. It has over 150 subsidiaries nationwide and 5 major industrial clusters.

SDL Village is a high-quality egg enterprise in China with a complete commercial layer chain; the swine industry integrates breeding, processing, and sales; the food industry is based on corporate-owned swine, chicken and duck.


Location: Chengdu, Sichuan Province; Mianyang, Sichuan Province; Guangzhou, Guangdong Province

Industry: Consumer goods (food/agriculture)

Product & service: feed mill, poultry, duck, swine, eggs,  slaughtering, further processing and retail

Number of employees: 8000+


Solutions: SAP ERP, MTC Easy Farm, SAP BPC, SAP SAC


“One of the fundamental reasons that MTC has helped us go beyond our original goal is their professional competence. Meanwhile, MTC and our team’s in-depth knowledge of the industry and business also improved the effective mutual understanding and guaranteed the smooth implementation of the project.”

——Xianfeng DENG – Vice President | Group Operation, TECHLEX Group


“SAP Business One on HANA has helped us root the corporate image of “openness, transparency, real-timeliness and accuracy” in the heart of every employee and customer!”

——Guang ZHAO, Director | Finance Center of Feed Section, TEXHLEX Group



  • 200: Over 200 small amoeba units independently assessed by the group, real-time accounting performed for production lines as well as inside the company.
  • 30%A compound annual growth of over 30% in sales and profit achieved each year.
  • 500,000+: Over 500,000 orders received each year.
  • 100,000: Almost 100,000 customer discount maintenance orders, the number of notifications sent accumulated to 100,000.
  • 0: The error rate of the system is 0.


  • Comprehensive digital transformation based on One TECHLEX, One System, One Standard, so as to establish a unified process framework, a unified master data, a unified IT system, as well as to promote the online operation.
  • Realize standardized management process of business, finance, and operations, improve operational efficiency, and make data true and transparent;
  • Scientific cost analysis, lean accounting, and realization of an amoeba small unit assessment system;
  • Real-time analysis of budget and actual, multi-dimensional analysis of business operations;
  • Achieve collaboration between production and sales and separation of production and sales.

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