SAP Automobile Manufacturing Solution

MTC provides SAP Automobile Manufacturing Solution that helps enterprises to improve their business and capitalize on specific opportunities, such as varying customer demands, and competitive pressures. It will realize industry compliance, support specific manufacturing processes and meets the global supply chain cycle. The solution covers daily needs and helps lean organizations to remain agile and flexible in the rapidly changing automotive manufacturing industry.

Supported Business Processes by SAP Automobile Manufacturing Solution

  • Production by stock, order, order/customized project
  • Production by order configuration, assembly/variation
  • Integration of supply chain management process
  • All mixed-mode types

Functions of SAP Automobile Manufacturing Solution

  • Cover full supply chain from supplier to customer based on delivery forecasting, MRP II, production, scheduling reusable packaging, labeling, loading, shipping orders, invoice, etc.
  • EDI standards VDA, Odette, EDIFACT, ANSI X.12
  • ISO compliance functions are supported by the following processes:

          -Quality control of the entire supply chain

          -Engineering change control (version/revision, batch, serial number, where to use)

  • Integration of subsystems such as CAD / PLM, machine/equipment (plc), nested solutions, etc.

Advantages of SAP Automobile Manufacturing Solution

  • Meeting the challenges of the metal manufacturing industry
  • Fast implementation and global support by ERP system for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies.
  • High potential for business growth, providing “Inside View” with data analysis to control continuous improvement
  • Meet specific market needs with practical business processes and methods
  • Innovative technology is constantly updated; 100% SAP technology/tools


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