SAP Food Solution

MTC provides SAP Food Solution to establish a comprehensive procurement management, production management, cost control, quality traceability, price management, sales management, business process system and real-time data statistical analysis platform for enterprises, helping you achieve the following goals while improving overall competitiveness:

  • Effective integration of food procurement, production, finance, inventory, quality inspection, sales and other links
  • Unified standards and internal control systems support group management of cross-company and cross-region
  • Realize control of key business points through a visualized business process system
  • Realize the complete and real-time supply chain management system and traceability system to ensure food safety
  • Real-time, accurate and multi-dimensional business intelligence analysis and report presentation
  • Mobile business applications to shorten the decision-making cycle and accelerate the response to the market and customers
  • The stable and flexible SAP platform supports seamless integration with third-party systems

SAP Food Solution focuses on solving the management priorities and difficulties of the subsidiary agricultural products processing, food and beverage manufacturing industry:

  • Integrated management platform: to create an integrated platform of procurement, quality inspection, production and processing, warehousing, up to distribution and retail, to support group management of cross-company, cross-business, and cross-region. To be more scalable and replicable.
  • Procurement management: to strengthen the management of suppliers, procurement prices and credit limits to effectively reduce operational risks while ensuring the quality of raw materials.
  • Quality management and food safety traceability: to manage the quality of key points in the whole process of raw material supply, production and processing, inventory and sales, achieving quality traceability and shelf-life management, etc.
  • Price and discount management: to manage the sales prices and discounts according to different customers and distributors, such as discounts and rebates for channels, temporary signatures, discount accruals, special prices for terminals, buying gifts, etc.
  • CVP analysis: realize multi-dimensional CVP analysis by region, customer, product, sales channel, etc. and effectively control the differences.
  • Management of business key points: manage the business key points according to the characteristics of the food industry, such as weighing, quality inspection, production output rate, shelf life, VAR, problematic batch tracking, specific batch recall, etc.
  • Reporting and Data analysis: instant access to accurate business and financial data, providing comprehensive and multi-perspective sales operation and financial analysis.
  • Barcode and RFID technology application: the application in the production process of raw material feeding, finished product packing, warehouse management and sales process, and this effectively improves efficiency while reducing food safety risks.
  • Third-party system interface: SAP automatically reads business information from weighbridge, central control, WMS and other systems with timely and accurate data.


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