SAP Agriculture Solution

MTC provides SAP Agriculture Solution based on MTC & SAP rich experience in the agriculture industry. The solution will set up a global real-time statistical analysis platform from production management, cost accounting, profit analysis, performance management, inventory management, quality traceability, and business process, which helps you thrive in a competitive market and achieve the following goals:

  • Business process planning for the entire agricultural chain
  • Operation management for the entire agricultural chain
  • Quality management for the entire agricultural chain
  • Cost management for the entire agricultural chain
  • Planning management for the entire agricultural chain
  • Safety & quality traceability for the entire agricultural chain
  • Enterprise mobile business anytime, anywhere
  • The stable and flexible SAP platform supports seamless integration with third-party systems

Functions of SAP Agriculture Solution

  • Integrated management platform: connects the entire industry chain of agricultural seedling planting, harvesting, processing, packaging and sales to realize the whole business process management
  • Support multiple production modes: company+base+farmers, company+base and other agricultural business modes, support multiple crop planting management
  • Accounting system: multi-dimensional accounting of costs and labour performance in the whole business process
  • Cost and profit analysis: analyse the composition of cost and profit in the whole business process
  • Quality management: strict quality management system by base, batch and product to realize the analysis of product quality
  • Plan management: improve the virtuous cycle of planting plan management, operation management, inventory analysis and sales forecast to ensure fresh and low loss.
  • Quality traceability: Establish immediate and accurate safety and quality traceability system for the whole food industry chain
  • Control of business key points: Such as procurement, seedling, planting, irrigation, fertilization, vaccine, inventory, sales deduction rate analysis, etc.
  • Instant access to accurate business data and support the management decisions

Benefits of SAP Agriculture Solution

  • Open up the entire industry chain from seedlings to sales, and realize the refined management of many business units including finance, procurement, sales, production, inventory, etc.
  • Establish the perfect, standardized, precise and collaborative management platform, which realizes scalable and replicable management and improves operational efficiency.
  • Refined analysis of production efficiency, including the input and output of each base, production stage, product or batch, and performance.
  • An accurate and scientific cost and profit accounting system, and this realizes the multi-dimensional and composition analysis of cost and profit for each product, base and production stage
  • Realize the quality traceability system of the whole industry chain, and the information of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, vaccines and other information is real-time.
  • Realize the efficient cycle of sales forecast, planting plan and inventory management, speed up the turnover rate and reduce the loss, ensure the high input-output ratio and reduce business risks.
  • Real-time planning, real-time reporting, real-time analysis, and transparent internal and external business data, and this support more scientific and convenient decisions.


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