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SAP High Tech Customer- VW-Mobvoi (Chumen Wenwen)

SAP ERP on HANA dynamically support enterprise’s rapid expansion, realize the financial control that crosses business modes and currencies.

Founded in 2012, Chumen Wenwen (hereafter referred to as the Company) is an artificial intelligence company concentrating on voice interaction and intelligent hardware. It has eight core proprietary technologies including signal processing, hot words awakening, speech recognition, semantic analysis, language generation, dialogue management, vertical search and speech synthesis.

In 2013, after a gradual mastering of AI technology, the Company started its exploration in WeChat service account, mobile APPs, Google and many other forms of voice assistant products, stepping into the stage in which it explored and amassed experience for deploying AI technology in consumption-level scenarios.

TicWatch, the Company’s first independently developed smart watch with a combination of software and hardware, was launched in 2015, marking the Company’s close of the loop of technology, product and business for the first time.

In 2018, the Company was fortunately selected by Hurun as one of the unicorn enterprises in great China region.


Company Name: Chumen Wenwen

Location: Beijing, China

Industry: High-Tech

Product & service: AI, Voice interaction

Company website: www.chumenwenwen.com

Solutions: SAP ERP, SAP HANA


“For the emerging AI industry, iteration lies not only in technology and products, but also in business scenarios, business models and management systems, which is a rather big challenge to management systems. The overall SAP ERP on HANA solution offered by MTC is scalable and more resilient, which is the very thing we need.”

                                                        ——Lingyun ZHONG, CFO, Chumen Wenwen Information Technology Co., Ltd




  • Centrally manage 10+  branches : over 10 branch companies under the group have achieved the collectivized financial control across multiple business modes and currencies
  • Online & offline: integrate all data and inventory in real time
  • 2 days: realize the combination of all reports and statements of the group in 2 days, obtain the real stocktaking result within one hour

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