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SAP Manufacturing Customer (Industrial Machinery) – ZPMC USA

By SAP ERP on HANA, The North American subsidiary of ZPMC to achieve a unified management of a number of North American branches to optimize the project management process, saving a lot of manpower and time


Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry(group)Ltd.(ZPMC), formerly known as Gongmao Ship Factory founded in1885,  is a well-known enterprise worldwide. The company is headquartered in Shanghai and has 10 Production bases in Shanghai and Nantong, covering a total area 10,000 acres, with a total coastline10Km, deep-water coastline5 Km and loading dock 3.7Km, ZPMC is the world‘s largest port machinery and heavy equipment manufacturer.

ZPMC USA has a number of branches: Eastern subsidiary, West subsidiary and Houston North America procurement and logistics center. To enable flexible and efficient management of North American operation, ZPMC USA chooses SAP ERP on HANA to automatically manage operation across all process, effectively optimize project management and significantly save labor cost.

Company Name: ZPMC USA

Location: China, USA

Industry: Manufacturing

Products and Services: Port Machinery, Heavy equipment

Company Website:

Solution : SAP ERP, SAP HANA


SAP ERP is easy to deploy.  Its flexible features are ideal for managing our North American operations. Through automated, integrated system, we have optimized the process of project management and saved a lot of manpower and time. “

                                                                                                                           – Mr. Li Ming, President, ZPMC USA



  • + 50%:the overall financial statement of the period is shortened by nearly 50%
  • Fine-grained project management: service – budget -procurement-approval-finance, E2E real-time project control
  • Multi-level approval via Wechat Work: significantly save procurement processing time and optimize the process of project management

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