MTC Easy Farm Cloud wins Platinum Award in SAP Innovation Competition

MTC Easy Farm Cloud wins Platinum Award in SAP Innovation Competition

Posted by May 26, 2022

On October 28th, “ Innovation Driven, Customer Success”2021 SAP Partner Innovation Competition was held in Shanghai. With rich industry experience and technically innovative solutions, MTC Easy Farm Cloud Solution, based on SAP Business Technology Platform (“SAP BTP”) and S/4HANA Cloud, won the Platinum Award of “Sustainable Development & Green Industry”.

As the highest award of the SAP Partner Innovation Competition, MTC  Easy Farm Cloud shows the development of Chinese digital agriculture from technological innovation, industry cultivation and agricultural modernization development. MTC focuses on the whole industry chain of agriculture and food in the past 12 years, and this award is both an honour and a new beginning.

Technology Innovation

In order to solve precise feeding, scientific breeding, ecological breeding and other problems faced by farming enterprises, MTC Easy Farm Cloud relies on SAP BTP and builds an end-to-end digital solution for farming based on integration suite, extension suite of BTP, SAP Analytics Cloud, iRPA, 5G, IoT and video recognition technologies.

Based on the production plan and farming standards of biological assets, MTC Easy Farm Cloud can enable enterprises to realize the automatic operation of the farming plans. Meanwhile, it helps enterprises obtain real and transparent data of biological assets and farming processes in real-time, provides accurate digital management data, and establishes production standards, plan management, task management, real-time warning, intelligent prediction and multi-dimensional performance analysis. Combining farm stock data, production stage, capacity status, and environmental management, MTC Easy Farm Cloud helps companies achieve virtuous and recyclable full-load balanced production.

Industry Depth

As an SAP Gold Partner, MTC has been focused on the agriculture industry for 12 years and devoted to the digital development of the whole industry chain of agriculture & food. We have accumulated rich experience in digital transformation in the agriculture & food industry, and won the award of “SAP BTP Partner – Best Industry Depth” last month.

In the past 12 years, MTC has helped nearly 100 global agriculture & food enterprises to build information management platforms and digital farming management innovations and provided digital farming, digital production, information management and the whole industry chain traceability. By guaranteeing the digital management of the whole process from farm to desk, we help customers enhance competitiveness and innovation.

Commit to modernising agriculture

Food safety, ecological livability, industrial prosperity and talent revitalization, all of which cannot be achieved without the development and support of digitalization, MTC Easy Farm Cloud will help agriculture enterprises deliver healthy and safe food to every consumer’s table, and also accelerate the development of digital agriculture, promote the modernization process of rural agriculture.

In the future, MTC will continue to work with SAP to carry out more in-depth technological innovation based on SAP BTP and SAP ERP, empowering efficient operation, sustainable development and modernization of agriculture.

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