SAP Pharmaceutical Solution

MTC provides SAP Pharmaceutical Solution that covers the entire chain of the pharmaceutical industry from R&D to production.

The solution helps companies (eg. pharmaceutical companies, bioengineering companies, biopharmaceutical companies, genetic companies and their suppliers, distributors, alliance partners and service companies) to improve operational efficiency and profitability of the pharmaceutical industry value chain and achieve business refinement to enhance the competitiveness

Difficulties in the management of the pharmaceutical industry:

Under the development of foreign pharmaceutical enterprises and the intensification of market competition, many domestic pharmaceutical enterprises expand their business scale rapidly and enterprise management is facing more difficult problems. For instance, the limitations of the original manual management model are increasingly prominent and will become the bottleneck for the further development of enterprises, specifically in the following areas:

  • The increasing workload of GMP
  • Management information is independent and decisions cannot be supported by data.
  • Distribution management becomes the challenge.
  • Seeking stable source of goods
  • Stereoscopic warehouse and batch management in the whole process
  • Inability to carry out accurate and timely production costing.
  • Market falsification.
  • High accounts receivable and increased risk of business operation.
  • Improve the security and efficiency of funds.
  • Complicated business collaboration among companies.
  • Strengthening the access to group information

Functions of SAP Pharmaceutical Solution:

SAP Pharmaceutical Solution supports pharmaceutical companies, suppliers, distributors, partners and service companies to help them improve the entire pharmaceutical value chain, from R&D, manufacturing to marketing.

  • CRM
  • Production planning and control
  • GMP Management
  • Information inspection
  • Equipment Management
  • Tracking of batch and expiration dates in the whole process
  • Warehouse and Stock Management
  • Support complex price system
  • Detailed records of discount and sales performance
  • Logistics Management

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